History of Robobat and the BIMware Brand

The history of the Robobat company goes back to the early eighties when Andre NIZNIK wrote ROBOT software as part of his doctoral thesis for the French Civil Engineering Institute, INSA in Toulouse, France.

The first commercial release of ROBOT Structures for DOS.

Set up of Robobat Inc. in France. ROBOT Structures becomes one of the first world leaders in both structural and civil engineering software industry.

1990 - 1991
Set up of a Robobat's subsidiary in Poland and other 3 offices in France (Paris, Rennes and Strasbourg).

1992 - 1995
ROBOT Structures is re-written C/C++ and renamed ROBOT V6. The software receives top marks in annual survey of structural engineering software in United States (Modern Steel Construction Magazine). ROBOT V6 became is the largest of any top-end structural software packages (distributed in 42 countries by more than 20 distributors among over 2 500 companies).

1996 - 1997
RoboBAT introduces DDC. Combining the power of numerical calculation methods with the simplicity of a professional program, DDC marks a significant improvement for Concrete Building Structural analysis software and enables fast and easy modeling and design of RC buildings. Then Robobat releases ROBOT 97, first structural engineering software for Windows 95/NT.

Set up of 2 new agencies in US and UK and 2 new offices in Belgium and Tunisia.  Robobat Group is already represented in 50 countries by 25 distributors and 5 subsidiaries. ROBOT 97 is chosen the best new software in France.

Partnership agreement with Autodesk, Inc. Robobat becomes a member of Autodesk Developer Network and Autodesk Authorized Distributor.

Robobat launches ROBOT Millennium and develops new CAD solutions based on AutoCAD. MS COM technology enables building of an open standard and platform that allows ROBOT users to link with in-house or third party applications.

Cooperation with ANSYS – an international leader who designs and develops engineering simulation solutions. Robobat launches a new product: ESOP. Robobat overtakes APILOG DIFFUSION who develops solutions for RC calculations. Financial partnership with "Banque de Vizille" and capital increase up to 1,6 mln EUR.

Robobat launches two new products detailing CAD solutions within AutoCAD: RCAD Steel and RCAD Reinforcement. Partnership agreement with INGECIBER, Spain. Partnership with Spatial, Corp. (USA) - Dassault Systeme (France) to integrate ACIS solid modeler in ROBOT Millennium. Partnership with Pell Frischmann (UK) to integrate Autoloader, vehicle loads modeler, in ROBOT Millennium. Significant development of activity in the area of Mechanics (ANSYS - DesignSpace). Robobat becomes the principal distributor of DesignSpace in France.

Robobat launches CBS Pro - new generation of software for pre-design of RC structures. Robobat signs a contract with COADE, Inc. (USA) - a world leader in plant design and analysis software. Turnover of Robobat Group exceeded 10 mln USD.

Robobat launches a new product - RCAD Formwork Drawings. Collaborative partnership agreement (Enhanced Solutions Partner) with ANSYS, Inc. - integration of ESOP (Engineering Software Open Platform) system with ANSYS Workbench to provide new engineering solutions to Workbench projects. Development of the Partnership Agreement with Autodesk, Inc. (USA) - the core Robobat product, ROBOT Millennium, is integrated with REVIT - the new Autodesk software for building industry. Rapid export development: new distributors, export sales increase up to 80%. Licenses of Robobat software are in use in over 100 countries.

ISO 9001:2000 certificate for Robobat.

The further development of the Partnership Agreement with Autodesk - Robobat released a series of Extensions for Revit®, Autodesk's building information modeling (BIM) software for structural engineers.
Robobat becomes a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner.

Autodesk Inc. acquires Robobat France with its UK and US subsidiaries and R&D office in Poland. Robobat Polska becomes an Autodesk Value Added Reseller with a Gold Tier, an Autodesk Authorized Training Center and a member of Autodesk Developpers Network. Robobat Polska registeres the BIMware trademark.

Robobat Polska joins the Autodesk Preferred Industry Partner Program.
Robobat Polska signs an agreement on funding for the R&D project "An expert system supporting green building design" by the European Union under the European Regional Development Fund.

Robobat Polska signs an agreement on funding for the R&D project "A component platform for structural analysis and design" by the European Union under the European Regional Development Fund.
Robobat Polska becomes a member of Polish Green Building Council.

Robobat Polska launhes MASTER software family - simple and smart tools for analysis and design for the Eurocodes. Robobat Polska achieves an Autodesk Advanced Specialization in consulting and the title Consulting Specialized.

Robobat Polska acheves Autodesk Advanced Specializations in several fields and the following titles: Product Support Specialized, Structural Engineering Specialized, MEP Systems Engineering Specialized, Process Plant Specialized.

Robobat Polska acheves Autodesk Advanced Specializations in simulation and the title Simulation Specialized.

Robobat Polska joins the GRAITEC Group, a global leading BIM provider, combining Autodesk and GRAITEC technologies for delivering real benefits to customers and accelerating BIM adoption around the world.


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