MASTER EC2 Reinforcement (Eurocode 2)

BIMware MASTER EC2 Reinforcement is dedicated to conduct calculations for the necessary reinforcement areas or maximum capacities of concrete sections and RC elements beams and columns. The Expertise module allows a user to verify RC sections of any shapes with arbitrary defined reinforcement.

All calculations are conducted in accordance with the recommendations of the EUROCODE 2 (EN 1992-1-1) with possibility to consider national annexes for the following countries: Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, Finland, France, Spain, Germany, Poland, Portugal, Romania, United Kingdom, Italy.

An additional module “Expertise” analyses stresses and distribution of compression and tension zones for a given loads, section and reinforcement. Section and zone parameters calculation is based on section triangulation.

Design scope:

  • calculations of necessary reinforcement areas for a user-defined section shape and size with given internal forces
  • calculations of maximum capacities - internal forces for a user-defined section shape and size with given reinforcement areas
  • calculations of required reinforcement area for a given external load on a beam, or a given internal forces diagram, with a typical static scheme
  • calculations of required reinforcement area for a given external load on a column
  • calculations of cracks and deflections (SLS conditions)
  • verification of construction conditions such as: minimum and maximum reinforcement ratio, diameters of used bars, minimum cover thickness etc.
  • reinforcement design for an untypical section shape
  • verification of RC sections with arbitrary defined reinforcement

Design & Analysis - key features

  • calculations in accordance with the EUROCODE 2
  • extensive material database (concrete, reinforcement)
  • geometrical imperfections and second order effects
  • crack calculations
  • impact of shrinkage and creep of concrete taken into account
  • longitudinal and transversal reinforcement calculations

Expertise – New module! 
  • Analysis of RC sections of any shapes with arbitrary defined reinforcement 
  • Two modes of section shape definition: shape generator or user-defined coordinates
  • Distribution of any number of bars in a section
  • Precise definition of each bar location
  • Analysis separately for ULS and SLS
  • Section and zone parameters calculations are based on section triangulation

Multi-span beams – calculation of reinforcement 

  • Fast definition of geometry
  • Fast definition and modification of a load
  • Definition of load cases
  • Static calculation
  • Diagrams of moments and shearing forces
  • Definition of longitudinal and transversal reinforcement
  • Auxiliary drawings of reinforcement 

RC sections – calculation of reinforcement

  • reinforcement design based on loads
  • analysis of section capacity based on information about its reinforcement 
  • calculation of deflection for beam sections
  • copying of loads from the external sources 
  • concrete equivalent for section analysis with rheological parameters taken into account New!
  • calculations for one of given engineering matters (depending on section type):
    • axial force
    • simple bending
    • axial force with bending
    • axial force with biaxial bending
    • shear and torsion
  • calculations for many different section shapes:
    • rectangular
    • L- shape
    • T- shape
    • H-shape
    • circular
    • polygonal
RC beams – calculation of reinforcement
  • graphic presentation (visualization) of beam reinforcement
  • export of beam drawings to the DXF format
  • definition of a list of loads and creation of a load envelope based on this list
  • analysis of reinforcement for a list of loads
  • user-customized distribution of internal forces “point by point” (it allows defining a user-customized envelope of forces)
  • reinforcement data export to the ADD format
  • calculations for different section shapes:
    • rectangular
    • L- shape
    • T-shape
    • H-shape

RC columns – calculation of reinforcement

  • column reinforcement design based on defined load cases
  • reinforcement definition for several column sections at once (automatic or user-defined)
  • second order effect  taken into account
  • interaction diagrams: N–My, N-Mz, My-Mz
  • calculations for different section shapes:
    • rectangular
    • circural
    • polygonal

User Experience - advantages

  • fast analysis and capacity calculation of reinforced elements
  • intuitive interface and effective design of structural elements
  • calculations performed easily and repeated if necessary
  • legible calculation notes that can be saved and then modified in the RTF format
  • documentation generation in a different language from an UI language
  • several language versions: English, French, and Polish
  • Microsoft Windows 8 compatible
  • access to the BIMware Platform cloud (to store a model, share data and results)

European Funds – for development of innovative economy
Project co-financed by the European Union under the European Regional Development Fund

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